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A little bit about me. Hi! My name is Becky and without stating the obvious, I love makeup! I've loved makeup for as long as I can remember and I've always known that I couldn't live a life where I wasn't doing it every single second of every day. I started my makeup journey studying at what was formerly know as Greasepaint. Greasepaint was a makeup school that specifically educated it students in TV, film, theatre and fashion. I really wanted to excel in SFX makeup which was the main reason why I went to Greasepaint however I found myself much more interested in fashion and making people look and feel beautiful.

When I left Greasepaint I spent a year working freelance and primarily doing TV commercials, music videos and event makeup but as freelance in these particular industries can be unpredictable I applied for a Christmas temp job at the Bobbi Brown free standing studio store in Bromley. As someone who was very against working in retail I loved it! I loved working with all types of amazing real women and making them feel gorgeous. Bobbi Brown also opened a lot of doors for me I worked on QVC and had opportunities to work alongside some incredible makeup artists. From Christmas temp to assistant store manager my confidence and skill continued to grow and so did my love for makeup and it became more and more obvious that this was what I wanted to do.

I now work freelance doing exactly that! I specialise in bridal, event makeup and 1-1 lessons. I find so much joy in leaving my client feeling like the best version on themselves.

Although my main love and focus is making my clients feel amazing I also love creating looks on myself which are of the more colourful and crazy variety. You can find my artistry page on Instagram @beckylpursey :)

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