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Wedding Makeup Advice from a Professional Makeup Artist

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Top tips for making sure your makeup looks amazing on Camera. Bridal edition!

Wedding makeup tips that every bride should know

It's coming up to your big day and the last thing you want to worry about is receiving your wedding photos to realise you've become a victim of flashback or the dreaded lipstick teeth. Here's just some of my many top tips to make sure you look as amazing as you felt on your wedding day.

Don't get me wrong there's not really much you can't photoshop these days or if you are familiar with FaceTune you can get away with getting rid of minor photo faux pas, however if you are unexperienced to the world of editing sometimes it's better to just be prepared.

Skin is everything

My biggest and top piece of advice is to take good care of your skin and give yourself time to add some skin self care moments in the days leading up to your wedding.

Skin care for brides

Drink lots of water

I don't mean so much that you constantly have to run off (You don't want a mid isle mishap) but it's not a old wives tale water really works magic for your skin. Keep hydrated.

Staying power

We want our makeup to look amazing all day and although setting sprays and powders can help with this it should start with skincare. If you aren't someone who is clued up with a strong skincare routine I would start now because this really will help the longevity of your makeup.

A good start is at least having a good cleanser (Something that doesn't strip the skin or leave it dehydrated), a toner, eye cream and a moisturiser. I also recommend making sure you've got a product with SPF that can either be your moisturiser or a primer.

(The BOBBI BROWN VITAMIN ENRICHED FACE BASE is one of my absolute favs. Its a good moisturiser and primer in one)

Let's not start a new skin care routine on the day

Just trust me. You do not want any surprise reactions that could ruin the way your makeup sits or even worst if you can wear makeup at all. So if there's a new moisturiser you fancy or a toner you are dying to try please do it at least 3 months before.

What about the rest of me...

Depending on your wedding dress! usually it's not just your face on display so think about what else is going to be be photographed. I recommend exfoliating the night before to avoid any dry patches (Be careful if you've had a spray tan or self tanned) and make sure you moisturise.

On the day a little bit of a shimmer on the body goes a long way in wedding photography and often makes the whole look complete. Especially if you are lucky enough to have a summer wedding or destination wedding. A body oil or cream looks absolutely stunning for anyone looking for a glow.


Make me up

Now to the fun part!

Makeup for brides

What is best for me

Your makeup artist should ask you lots of questions on your trial day to make sure that all of the products they use are going to use suit you. Don't be afraid to ask your own questions or share your makeup or product experiences.


Don't forget that the camera's being used for wedding photography these days are much better quality than just your regular iphone. They will pick up things that normal cameras will not. So here's a couple of things to be aware of...

  • Sometimes powder can come across quite heavy and accentuate features of our face that we don't always like for example lines or hair. If you are someone with oily skin blotting paper or a very lightweight translucent powder will be better.

  • What's the weather going to be like? Make sure your makeup artist is aware what the temperature is going to be. This can make a big difference to what base your makeup artist uses to look good on and off camera.

  • Waterproof makeup is a must if you anticipate tears or heat!


I know these days we are becoming much more aware and better at wearing SPF as a part of our skincare routine however wearing a high amount of SPF (no more than 15) can cause a white pale look in flash photography. So especially if you are having photos taken in the evening I would try to avoid a high SPF foundation or moisturiser. You should not experience flashback with normal digital photography.

There are also certain powders and concealers that contain high amounts of Silica which can often cause flash back. Bridal makeup artists are experience in choosing the right products for any lighting situation which is also why I always recommend at the end of your makeup trial to take lots of pictures in different lighting environments and with phones and cameras, with and without flash.

Colour matching

Make sure that you take lots of time with your artist on your trial day making sure you have a perfect foundation/base shade to avoid any surprise orange lines or uncomplimentary undertones. I also find this applies to bronzer, there's nothing worst than a gone wrong contour shade that ruins the rest of the look. This also applies if you are planning on getting a spray or a natural tan before your wedding as it may be best to have some extra time on your wedding day if you need to be re colour matched.


After your trial it's a really good idea to purchase or have your makeup artist purchase whatever lipstick you plan on wearing so you can re apply during the rest of your day. I would also make sure that when you are choosing your lipstick pick something that is comfortable and easy to re apply. I would consider that later on in the evening when the champagne is flowing, lipstick will not be your priority so even switching to a easier balm will be less of a time waster.

Lastly but not least...


Your bridal squad should also be your glam squad and have a emergency makeup kit for any touch ups necessary. Here is what they should have...Powder or blotting paper, Concealer, Lip products, Travel mirror, Tissues/cotton buds, Extra hair bands/bobby pins, SAFTEY PINS!



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